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Changes on GrandPa Servers

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Changes on GrandPa Servers Empty Changes on GrandPa Servers

Beitrag  GrandPa Sa Okt 11, 2014 6:27 pm

Hi all XT's
Let me tell you that GrandPa Servers on TM² are changed to Extended Enviroments on Canyon and Valley.
Dag@bert have been the great creator of this stunning enviroment, and i'm very proud to present it on my server

Just take a look on this "Islandic style" speedy Canyon map:

On the Extended Canyon Enviro you can even drive in pyramids^^ farao farao
Great is'nt Smile
When you open the TM² Game, please go to the Store and choose Canyon to download Canyon_Extension,
It is the same procedure on Valley_Extension. The download takes of coarse a bit of your time, but meanwhile you can also play TMUF Island on GrandPa's Great Island Server, Norway. Banana

You are all welcome to try GrandPa Servers Norway

Wanna see more of Dag@bert work??


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