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Marti's Map Mayhem

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Marti's Map Mayhem Empty Marti's Map Mayhem

Beitrag  marti488 am Mi Mai 08, 2013 6:57 pm

Hi there Smile since a lot of you might not know me, I'll post some of my maps here. Let's get going ^^

Windfall (Monday, July 02, 2012)
This one is my most awarded track. It's probably the best one I've uploaded yet, so if you only check out 1, let it be this Very Happy

Sub Terra (Wednesday, July 04, 2012)
A track I made to promote the new tunnel blocks (they were only a day or so old at that time Surprised ). All of it was made in a single day (including mt and screen), but the quality is still okay Smile

7 SiNs (Thursday, August 23, 2012)
For those of you who like platform tracks. This one was for a platform mtc. (which I won (: )


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